Please take a moment to read about a few our firm’s noteworthy cases and activities:

International Administrative Tribunals and Conflict Resolution Bodies:

Having been engaged as counsel for hundreds of cases before international administrative tribunals and conflict resolution bodies therein, successful outcomes have been numerous and varied. We are also engaged by the World Bank Staff Association.

In a landmark case before the World Bank Administrative Tribunal (WBAT) in 2007 challenging the wrongful termination of our client following an improper misconduct investigation, our client was awarded reinstatement, restitution, damages and attorneys’ fees with a combined value exceeding $700,000, one of the largest awards in the history of the WBAT.

We successfully challenged the secret placement of no-access and no-hire restrictions in the electronic employment files of a former World Bank staff. We secured $40,000 in damages for the client and the WBAT ordered the removal of the restrictions and full payment of legal fees.

In a 2009 case challenging an improper misconduct investigation, our client was awarded three years’ of salary and an unprecedented award of reimbursement for costs and expenses incurred during the investigative process as well as attorneys’ fees.

In a 2010 case we successfully challenged a supplementary performance evaluation and also secured almost $200,000 in damages for the client as compensation for due process violations as well as for attorneys’ fees.

In a 2010 case involving an improper performance evaluation and placement of our client on a Performance Improvement Plan we secured a damages award of six months of salary as well as attorneys’ fees for our client. See BG v. IFC, WBAT Case No. 434 (October 2010).

In another 2010 case involving an improper shortlisting and selection process we secured a damages award of nine months of salary as well as attorney’s fees for our client. See BK v. IBRD, WBAT Case No. 444 (October 2010).

In a 2011 wrongful termination case we first secured provisional relief for our client and then our client’s full reinstatement as well as reimbursement of attorney’s fees. See BP v. IBRD, WBAT Case No. 455 (May 2011).

In a 2011 case at the Grievance Committee of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), we secured a substantial award of damages to be paid by the IMF to a senior-level staff member as restitution in a matter involving career mismanagement and wrongful termination.

In a case before the IMF Administrative Tribunal we succeeded on a novel claim on behalf of our client that the IMF had wrongfully denied attorneys’ fees incurred by a staff member in efforts to secure and maintain worker’s compensation benefits.

In a case at the African Development Bank, we negotiated a large settlement paying more than $260,000 to the former staff that was wrongfully terminated.

Transactional and Business Law:

International Finance Corporation: Negotiated a complex loan agreement for $25 million between a globally active oil and gas company and the IFC.

Professional Services Agreements: Negotiated the terms of a professional services contract among a not for profit philanthropic corporation, two African companies and a UK consulting firm.

Privatization: Directed senior level courses for government officials in privatization and consulted for the UNDP on privatization.

Madagascar: Advised the client on energy law and the privatization of the national energy company.

Not-for-Profits: Organized and secured tax exempt status for a D.C. Corporation with international development activities in Africa.

Term Sheets: Negotiated a term sheet for a trans-boundary transmission line for a large scale Mexico-based wind farm on behalf of a large Spanish utility.

Due Diligence: Conducted multiple due diligence reviews for successful acquisitions of portfolios of renewable energy projects.

Joint Ventures: Established several successful joint ventures between private equity firms and renewable energy project developers.

Treaties: Studies and treaty preparation for international hydroelectric projects in Africa and El Salvador.

Embassy: Revised the embassy’s employment contracts and employment manual for its local staff.

Litigation and Arbitration:

Federal Courts: Negotiated a $1.1 million settlement of a breach of contract claim against the United States on behalf of the Iraqi client.

DC Superior Court: Negotiated a settlement of a claim filed against a national news publisher in the D.C. Superior Court.

ICC Arbitration: Won an international breach of contract case between an owner of gasoline stations in Africa and the French supplier of petroleum leading to a multi-million dollar judgment in favor of our African client.

International Arbitration Settlement: In a breach of contract action against a large public utility in Peru, we coordinated the settlement of international arbitration claims on behalf of a large international consulting firm and resolved the dispute in favor of our client.

London Court of International Arbitration: Advised Defendant, an international oil and gas company, in a multimillion dollar contract claim resulting in an award including costs against plaintiff.

Similar results are not guaranteed or assured. Each case is unique and results will vary.